De Kuyper Créme De Cacao Dark (24%)

De Kuyper is the world’s largest producer of liqueurs. It was founded by Petrus de Kuyper in 1695 in Horst, the Netherlands. It is still a family-owned company, now operating for the eleventh generation. The company, which originally made spirits, moved in 1920 to also make soft liqueurs. Today, De Kuyper’s liqueur range includes more than 40 different flavors.

De Kuyper prepares the distillates in his own distillery in Schiedam. Only natural ingredients are used, in addition to sugar, water and alcohol. Cocoa beans and vanilla extracts have been used for this traditional cacao liqueur. A small amount of caramel softens the taste of bitter cocoa beans. No additives have been used in the manufacture of the product. A 50 cl bottle costs about € 12.

Cacao aroma is deep and intense. When the liqueur is poured into a glass, its aromas carry far around the room. The taste is thick, sweet, has caramel and strong cocoa aroma. The background of the thick layer of sugar feels a bit bitterness of the cocoa bean. Although the liqueur is very sweet, it is so delicious that it is pleasant to sip also on it’s own. If you want to have something sweet after dinner, a small glass of cacao liqueur is a good alternative to chocolate or other sweets.

Creme de Cacao is especially well used for cocktails, for which Brandy Alexander and Chocolate Martini are probably the most famous. The taste of cocoa beans is so strong that even a small amount of liqueur is enough to bring the cacao aroma. De Kuyper Creme de Cacao is a very good, nearly perfect liqueur. There is really nothing to blame about it and other producers are mainly able to compete with it for a cheaper price.


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