John Medley’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (40%)

John Medley’s Bourbon is a strange bird on supermarket bottom-shelf. Medley’s family have been big name on American whiskey industry, but the brand haven’t existed anymore on decades in USA. Until German Berenzen Group launced a bourbon with John Medley’s name (original Medley family did not have any John). So maybe Berentzen have bought the trademark for someone or just have found a nice name. There is not any information available on this product, but it looks it have been distilled in USA (Medley Distillery Kentucky), matured two years and then transported to Germany for bottling. It’s mainly sold on German market and few other countries which have somehow imported it. 70cl bottle bought by 13.99€ on small Estonian food store.

It’s mild and clear 100% corn bourbon. Nose is light, sweet corn, fresh wood, hint of white pepper. Taste is sweet, smooth, full of corn and hint of vanilla. Burn is mild and end is short and bitter. Feels it have been extended with some neutral spirit. When it’s bottled in Germany, it can be called as bourbon, even there have been added something on it (in Kentucky that would not be possible). It’s very boring neat, just sweet corn and nothing else. Cloying corn taste stays on the mouth long time. For mixing it brings some sweet corn taste. It’s cheap, thin and light “american whiskey” which can not be recommend for anyone.


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