Metsis Handcrafted Gin (44%)

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Metsis is a product of Distillirium, which was one of the first craft distilleries in Estonia, established in 2017. Metsis is the big bird shown on the logo (capercaillie) living in the forest. Metsis Handcrafted Gin is their core range product. The base spirit is made from organic rye, grown and distilled in Estonia. The gin is pot distilled on small batches, herbs used are juniper (from Estonian islands), coriander, angelica root, grain of paradise, lemon and lime peel and few others. A 50cl bottle costs around 25€ in Estonian stores.  

There are aromas of sweet juniper, coriander, cinnamon and some nuances of citrus and dried fruits. Mouthfeel is quite thick, oily, tastes a bit sweet at the beginning, then turns more spicy. Coriander, angelica root and I guess, grain of paradise, have quite a big effect here. It’s very nice on it’s own, even though it’s 44% ABV it does not taste so strong. Mandarin like sweetness pairs very well with steady spiciness. Aftertaste is nice and sweet, has some notes of cinnamon and ginger.   

It’s excellent and highly recommended gin!


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