Askaneli Brothers 8YO (40%)

Askaneli Brothers is a Georgian wine house, established at 1880 at Askana village at Gurian parish. It was built by Antimoz Askaneli and his sons took control of the wine house after 18 years of establishment. Askaneli sons were very active, they invested much in wine fields and used time also to progress the whole Georgian wine culture. 

During the Soviet time Askaneli production was on hold over 50 years. It was reopened in 1998 by three brothers of Chkhaidzen. Nowadays Askaneli owns several wine fields on different areas of Georgia. In exception of many smaller wine houses, Askaneli have also facilities to make brandy and chacha (Georgian grappa). Askaneli is producing brandy with the same methods as cognac is made. 50 cl bottle was 13.99€. 

8 years of maturation is easy to notice on aroma and taste, which both are strong and spicy. The nose has dried ploom, apricot and black pepper. Taste is mellow, dry, there is oak, dried ploom, raisin, pepper, leather and dark chocolate. Mouthfeel is pleasantly oily. Mellow and spicy taste leaves on the mouth for a long time. Masculine, strong and very well matured. Excellent price quality, Askaneli 8YO is much better than most of VS cognacs and are on the same level as many two times more expensive VSOP’s.  


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