Grand Cavalier Brandy (38%)

Grand Cavalier is a brandy produced by Latvijas Balzams in Riga, Latvia. It is comprehensively sold in grocery stores in the Baltic countries and one of the cheapest brands in the stores. Not much information is available about it, but according to some sources it is a mixture of grape distillates imported from France and Azerbaijan. A lot of sugar has been added to the mixture and the result is dyed with caramel to a beautiful brown. A 20 cl bottle costs around € 3.50 in stores.

There is nothing wonderful about the aroma, it is light, sweet and has a little raisin. The taste is soft and sweet, but not very aromatic. Slightly typical raisin and light, slightly bitter oak aroma. The aftertaste is woody and slightly bitter, so propably very young distillate it is used on it. Because of its sweetness, alcohol is not felt and brandy is very easy to drink. Young and sweet, a typical inexpensive brandy that seems to be very popular based on the supply of grocery stores, especially in Lithuania and Latvia. Grand Cavalier is not a very special brandy, but still much better than the even more affordable blends of brandy and vodka (Aramis, Louis, Hektors, etc).


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