Mernaya Na Moloke (40%)

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The most special product of the Ukrainian Mernaya vodka brand is Na Moloke (on milk), which means milk purification, or milk filtration. Milk has been used in Ukraine for a couple of hundred years to purify vodka. Mernaya does the filtering by keeping the spirit in a tank for 21 days with specially prepared milk powder. After this, the solution is filtered five times. However, calcium and other useful microelements remain in the spirit. Before bottling, the vodka is softened by adding a small amount of glucose and fructose.

The smell is very clean, mostly only a light whiff of ethanol emerges. The taste is neutral and slightly sweet. The mouthfeel is smooth, which probably comes from the milk purification or the added glucose. The taste is indeed very clean and neutral, no side tastes of any kind are felt. The effect of milk purification is mainly felt in the mouthfeel, it is round and somehow a little oily, maybe the milk protein affected the viscosity of the liquid. The thick mouthfeel is quite original, but you probably don’t pay attention to it, unless you’re comparing two vodkas side by side. There are no grainy nuances in the taste, which was in the traditional version of Mernaya. Mernaya Na Moloke is for those who want to get to know what milk-refined vodka feels like. Maybe also if you are really looking for neutral and thick viscosity vodka. For other, I might rather recommend the Tradional version.


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