Eesti Standard Vodka (40%)

Despite its dominant name Eesti Standard Vodka is made by Finnish company Altia and it’s distilled in Koskenkorva factory at mid-west Finland. So it’s basically same product than Finlandia and Koskenkorva, main difference is the water where it is diluted. It’s diluted and bottled in Tabasalu, Estonia. So it’s Altia’s zero marketing budget, bottom shelf vodka, 50cl bottle cost 4.99€ at SuperAlko.

Nose is exactly the same than with Koskenkorva and Finlandia, it wasn’t possible to find difference on blind test. There is the slight solvent ethanol flavour, typical for Altia vodkas. Taste is however more raw, robust than more filtered Koskenkorva. I’d say there is a bit more of the barley taste due to less filtration, even than Koskenkorva factory has a massive column still, practically planned to produce neutral industrial spirit. Anyway, the taste is not bad at all, it burns more than Koskenkorva but in other hand has a bit more flavour. So it’s pretty good option due to it low price. 


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