Riga Black Vodka (40%)

Produced by Latvijas Balzams, Riga Black Vodka is made of same base spirit than popular herbal bitter Riga Black Balsam. Latvijas Balzams is one of the few companies who make rectified spirit in Latvia and they produce also many other famous vodkas under license, like Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya. Riga Black Vodka is made from grain, filtered seven times of special process, including black charcoal and silver filtration. 50cl bottle was 5.95€ at SuperAlko.

The general feeling is neutral, but there is hint of grain and some herbal aromas. Taste is very smooth, clean, dry and have hint of grain. Burn is very light and smooth, no bitter or any side flavours. It’s very smooth, usually producers add sugar to made vodka smoother, but this is not sweet at all. Riga Black Vodka is good on it’s own and works very well on cocktails. Very good value of it’s price.


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  1. Chris pallistet

    Hi , sorry to bother you , just want to know if you post this bottle of vodka.
    Hooe u get back in touch. X

    1. admin

      Hello, we do not post any spirits, we are just a blog where we review alcohol drinks.
      I think you can buy Riga Black Vodka only from Latvia, it is not sale any other country.

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