Moskovskaya Vodka (40%)

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Moskovskaya vodka has been produced since 1894. It’s one of the oldest Russian vodka brands. It has been continuously produced, only exception was the First World War time until 1924, when it was restored. It’s now produced by Latvias Balzams at Riga, who is also the exporter of it for Europe and other parts of the world. The trademark is owned by Sojuzplodoimport, a company in Moscow established in 1966. Word “Osobaya” on the label means special. It’s three times distilled and filtered by charcoal and quartz sand. 50cl bottle was 7.99€ at Maxima.

Neutral and traditional vodka. Aroma is a bit grainy and sweet, the taste also has grain nuances and sweetness. Burn is very light and there are not any savories on the aftertaste. The taste has a bit of roughness, so it’s not filtered too much, which is just a positive aspect here. The taste feels like it’s made from barley and wheat, there is the grain aroma from barley and sweetness from wheat. Anyway the producer do not tell anything about the production process. It’s traditionally nice quality vodka, not anything luxus, but worth of it’s price for sure. 


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