Jura Origin 10YO (40%)

Located on the Isle of Jura, on the west coast of Scotland, the island’s only distillery is operated by Whyte&Mackay, which is part of the Philippine Alliance Global Group. The history of the distillery dates back to 1810, but its operations have been on a hold several times over the years. The current operation was started in the 1950s with a major renovation, and distillation operations were resumed in 1963. Jura Origin 10 in a 20 cl bottle was discounted to 12.50€ in a local alcohol store. 

The smell has caramel sweetness, hay and dried fruit aromas. The taste is light and soft at the beginning, with an oily texture. The sweetness of caramel and honey is on the top at the beginning. In the middle phase, maltiness, wet cardboard and oak aromas come. The aftertaste turns quite bitter and dry. The sweetness and bitterness are the main tastes of Jura Origin. It’s rather light on aromas. A small addition of water in the glass balances the taste nicely, but the taste of wet cardboard and bitterness still remain. The smell of Jura is better than the taste, the bitter aftertaste is clearly its weakest link.


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