William Peel (40%)

William Peel is a trademark owned by French company Marie Brizard (part of Belvedere Group). It is a very popular whisky in France. It raises it to the most sold scotch whiskies since France is a very big importer of Scotch Whisky. 

William Peel is blended from 18 different Highland and Lowland regions malt whiskies and grain whisky, which is made by Lowland. William Peel was established in 1964, when Bernard Magrez opened the William Pitters International company at Bordeaux. Magrez imports plenty of different malt whiskies and blends his own mixture of them. Among William Peel there was also The Glen Peel malt whisky until 2005, when the company was sold to Marie Brizard and they wanted to focus on William Peel only. In 2014 William Peel scotch whisky sold 3 million barrels. It’s mostly sold in supermarkets and at very cheap prices. 20 cl bottle was bought at 3.90€. 

Plenty of oak and fruits on the nose. Alcohol vapors are rather pungent. It’s blended from young distillates for sure. It has fruits, grain and oak. Hints of vanilla, peach and caramel. It’s quite rounded and harsh, and a bit bitter in the end. Subtle nuance of smoke on the aftertaste.Taking into account the price, it’s a solid blend.  It’s not a very pleasant sipper, but works well on cocktails, like the producer also recommends on the back label of the bottle. 


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