Grant’s Sherry Cask Finish (40%)

Grant’s Cask Editions have been around for nearly two decades. Nowadays the original bottles have been replaced by rebranded versions. However, the original versions of Ale Cask and Sherry Cask, both released in 2008, are still rarely found in some stores. The Sherry Cask Finish is finished in a barrel that has previously been used for Oloroso sherry production. Grant’s familiar blended Scotch has thus matured four extra months in the sherry barrel before bottling. Cask Editions are a few euros more expensive than the traditional Grant’s blended Scotch; a 70 cl bottle of Sherry Cask Finish costs 18 euros in Estonia.

The nose is light but pleasantly smooth and sweet. Apples, honey, grain and a little floral notes. The taste has apple, wheat biscuits, grain, honey with slightly fruity and berry nuances. The berry nuances are probably from the sherry barrel, although the sherry aroma is very thin and difficult to recognize. The taste is sweet and creamy at first, but becomes more spicy and slightly bitter in the end. Compared to the Family Reserve, Sherry Cask Finish is smoother and more fruity. It’s the best sipped neat, no need to add a splash of water, even ice cubes. Grant’s Sherry Cask Finish is very easy-to-drink, soft-fruity and sweet whisky. If it can still be found somewhere at a reasonable price, it is a recommended choice to replace the basic version of Grant’s.


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