Barclays Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)

Barclays Extra Special is produced in Glasgow by Campbell Meyer & Company. They also have other, rather unknown, blended scotch brands, like McIvor, Highland Chief and Bonnie & Clyde. Due to producer Barclays is their most sold product. 

Barclays dated back to 1903 when it was established by Jimmy Barclay. It was decades out of the market, until Colin Barclay brought it to life in 1991 with his own company J&G Barclay & Company. Barclays is blended from nine different malt whiskeys and three grain whiskeys. 20cl bottle was 4.49€. 

Barclays is a typical bottom-self product, one of the cheapest blended scotch on stores. It is not surprising in its quality. Nose is very thin and light, just a hint of honey and some fruits. Taste is light and watery, just some grain and oak. Difficult to find anything from the taste, but with effort you can find something floral and fruity on it. Alcohol burn is quite strong, aftertaste is short and speechless. With adding some water, there is more fruit notes on the nose and the taste moves a bit sweeter, but water does not bring any other nuances. 

Barclays is being sold at the even pace from the stores, at least the 20 cl bottle, which is very cheap and easy to slip into the breast pocket. On the taste side it is one of the weakest I have drunk. Just typical cheap nameless Glasgow bottling. I suggest leaving this bottle in the shells and grabbing something more valuable. 


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