Glenfiddich 12 Year Old (40%)

Glenfiddich is a malt whisky familiar to everyone who knows even something about Scotch whiskies. It is the best-selling single malt in the world and a familiar sight in bars everywhere. It must also have found its way into the bar cabinet of quite a few homes. There are dozens of reviews of Glenfiddich whiskeys online, so if someone wants to know more about it, they can easily find out every detail. Glenfiddich is available in almost every grocery store also in the Baltic countries. I’ve seen the product on sale at least a hundred times at different prices, but when it finally happened to come across in the Maxima grocery store (in the bottom shelf for sure) at a clearance price of €20, why not. Let’s wipe the dust off the top of the bottle and start the tasting.

The nose is typical of many other “Glen” whiskys. Light, fruity and floral. Grant’s blended whiskey, bottled by the same group, comes to mind along with Ballantines.. Anyway, a pleasant and soft smell. The taste is also light and soft. Especially when the bottle has been open for a while. The first couple of glasses after uncorking the bottle were surprisingly sharp and also somewhat bitter. But the oxidation works fine and when the bottle starts to reach the halfway mark, the taste improves considerably. The taste has caramel sweetness, honey, apple/pear. The aftertaste has a slightly bitter and oaky note, but not too disturbing. It’s a light whisky, and I’m not sure if it’s really worth the money when it normally costs more than €30 (70cl). The taste is not that much different compared to Grants and many other affordable blended whiskies. However, among “Glen” whiskys, “Fiddich” takes the win and “Livet”, at least in my opinion, was somewhat behind. You should try Glenfiddich if you can find it in the store at a fair discount price.


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