Famous Grouse (40%)

Famous Grouse is one of the most famous Scotch blended whiskys and according to some sources it is the most popular whiskey in Scotland. It is sold all over the world, at least in almost 100 countries. Famous Grouse has been produced since 1896. Today it is owned by The Edgington Group, which also runs The Macallan and Highland Park distilleries and owns the Cutty Sark whiskey brand. It can be found very comprehensively in stores in the Baltic States. The 70 cl bottle was on special offer for €13.95 in the local grocery store so it ended up on my collection.

Famous Grouse is light brown in the glass, the color of a standard lager beer. The nose is light, slightly sweet. There is traditional maltiness and oak aroma. A bit of fruitiness and wheat biscuit. The taste is quite sweet, the caramelly sweet tone continues until the aftertaste. However, it is less sweet than usual bourbons, but in my experience Scotch whiskys usually are noticeably drier. There are no special aromas in the taste. It is very smooth and well balanced. In the taste, wheat biscuit is at the top, there is also a bit of oak, caramel, vanilla and grain aroma. When sipped from an aroma glass, the taste remains very modest, although there is nothing to complain about. No need to add water to the glass, it is already soft enough. Alcohol bite is very short and the sweet basic vibe helps to control it. Like also the manufacturer recommends on its website, Famous Grouse works really well in cocktails. Inexpensive and very basic Scotch whisky, doesn’t surprise but doesn’t disappoint either. Due to its sweet and soft taste, it differs a little from the mass and is therefore also easier to sip than the average scotch. I think it would suit very well for a party, Famous Grouse for sure is a crowd pleaser.


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