High Commissioner (40%)

High Commissioner is produced by Loch Lomond distillery. Loch Lomond was established in 1966 and it has produced plenty of different whiskies with different taste profiles. Loch Lomond was sold to Inver House in 1984 and after that have changed the owner many times. In 2014 it was bought by a private investor and it is now working under Loch Lomond Group. 

High Commissioner has been on sale mostly in the UK, where it has been very popular, even among the top3 most sold blended scotch. Nowadays its sales in the UK have dropped a bit and it is marketed more on the Asian market. It’s sold around 6.3 million liters per year. 35 cl bottle was bought for 8.15€. 

Nose is light, it has some honey and grain. Taste is sweet, lots of honey, fruits and grain whisky. Some vanilla and oak on the aftertaste. It has a light body and it’s not complex at all. High Commissioner is sweet, light, straightforward and very easy sipping whisky. Due to the low price it is quite a good choice, just if you are not looking for anything special, just standard and easy blended Scotch.


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