MacArthur’s Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)

MacArthur blended Scotch trademark was developed by J. MacArthur & Co, established in 1877. Trademark disappeared from the market until it was bought by Inver House Distillers. Nowadays it is owned by International Beverage Holdings, who also own Old Pulteney, AnCnoc and Speyburn distilleries and Hankey Bannister blended scotch trademark. MacArthurs is blended from malt whiskies from the above distilleries and grain whisky which is bought outside. A 70cl bottle was bought at 13.99€.

Light, almost non-existent nose. A bit of syrupy sweetness and grain whiskey. Taste is smooth, rather sweet, quite woody and grainy, not so much malt here. Short, sweet and bitter aftertaste. MacArthurs is a typical cheap market blended whiskey sold on bottom shelf, grain whiskey content is high and it does not have so much malted barley or other flavor. Not the worst blended scotch I have tried but very uninteresting anyway. It suits only for mixed drinks.


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