Billy’s American Bourbon Whiskey (40%)

Billy’s Bourbon is developed by German Drinks & Food Vertrieb, nowadays owned by Cooymans Distillery from Holland. There is not any other story available, than it’s a tribute to Billy the Kid. It’s produced in USA, matured 3 years on oak barrel and bottled in Holland. Cooymans main market is in east-Europe and there Billy’s Bourbon is available usually in most cheapest price. 70cl bottle price was 13.69€ at Alko1000.

The colour of Billy’s Bourbon is pale, so it shows whiskey haven’t been too long on the barrel. Or rather it have been extended with some neutral alcohol. There is some indefinite boozy on the taste, which is usual for cheap blended Scotches. So where the real thing is only 1/5 and the rest is neutral column distilled spirit. Nose is very light, have hint of corn, plum and wet cardboard. Taste is very light, slightly sweet and like said earlier, clearly extended with some neutral spirit. Burn is very mild and aftertaste thin and short. Billy’s Bourbon is cheap “american whiskey” so it’s just what you will get with that price.


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  1. Dan Kerins

    I want to buy a couple of bottles of Billy’s Bourbon. How can I get two bottles?
    Thanks, Dan

    1. admin


      sorry we can’t supply you this product.

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