Hogarth Dry Gin (37.5%)

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Hogarth Gin is a product of Dutch company Cooymans Distillery. It was established by Johannes Geraldus Cooymans in 1828. The company focused liqueurs on the beginning, their best known product was Royal Dutch Advokaat egg liqueur, but they are nowadays producing a big range of different alcohol drinks. They are focusing mostly Dutch market, but some products are also exported mainly east-European countries. Gin is named by William Hogarth, English painter, whose best known painting Gin Lane was made in 1751.

Hogarth is made of very traditional botanicals, juniper berries, orange zest, coriander and few others. It is said to be done according to many hundreds years old receipt, but it probably is just a marketing story. A 35cl bottle costs around 7€ in Estonia. 

Nose is very light and neutral, there is just a hint of juniper and lemon zest. Taste is very basic gin, light, hints of juniper, coriander. There is a small alcohol bite, also some bitterness on aftertaste. Overall it’s very thin and light gin. Anyway it’s just what you can get from bottom-shelf gin with a very cheap price.


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