Obdo Four Gin (38%)

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Obdo is a small handicraft distillery in Riga, Latvia. Their flagship product, Obdo Gin, is made from 22 herbs but was a bit too unbalanced for my taste. Obdo Four, on the other hand, is made from only four ingredients. Juniper berry, quince growing in Latvia, lemon and orange peels. Rectified spirit distilled from organic grain has been used as the base alcohol and after distillation it has been diluted with spring water to a bottling strength. Obdo Four is available in specialty stores in Riga and also in the manufacturer’s own online store (www.obdogin.lv), where a 50 cl bottle costs about € 20.

Juniper berry comes first in the nose, with slightly citrusy and fruity nuances in the background. Taste also has piny juniper berry in the beginning, until the strong citrus aromas and the original fruity taste of quince take the role. The orange and lemon peels give a fair dose of fresh and slightly oily aroma. The aftertaste has smooth juniper and citrus tingle. The taste is pleasant and fresh, but has quite a sharp alcohol bite. 

Sometimes less is more and for Obdo Four this phrase suits very well. Balancing the four ingredients is much easier than the 22 and Obdo has done it very well. Obdo Four is dry, fairly light and simple but tasty gin. Quince is a nice addition and brings some original fruitiness to otherwise quite simple body. The taste includes a slightly rough and original grip from the small producer. Obdo Four tastes pleasant on its own and with tonic water it makes a slightly original drink.


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