Remedia Saare Gin (37.50%)

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Saare Gin is produced by Estonian company Remedia. It was one of the first companies which started alcohol production after the state alcohol monopoly collapsed in 1994. Saare Gin is made by imported rectified spirit, juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds, lemon peel and few other spices. Purchase price for a 50cl bottle is around 8€.

Aroma is very light and has only a hint of juniper and lemon peel. Taste also very light, the body is thin, spices are hardly recognizable. Burn is soft and aftertaste neutral and very short. Okay you know it’s gin when you drink it neat. But for mixing the aromas disappear right away when you add tonic or other soft drink. So it would be the same to use the cheapest vodka instead. Among the Estonian gins, Saare is one of the poorest.


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