Finsbury London Dry Gin (37.50%)

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Finsbury Gin was invented by Joseph Bishop in London in 1740. Nowadays it’s owned by German company Borco International, which bought Finsbury Distillery in 1993. Finsbury based on neutral alcohol made from molasses. It is distilled at Langley distillery at central-England by Jenny-named pot still, capacity of 10.000 litres. Botanicals used are juniper berries, exotic fruits and different herbs.

Bosco International is producing plenty of bottom-shelf liquors like Sierra tequila, Old Pascas rum, Pennypacker bourbon etc. Common for all these is that they are produced for huge quantities, so they are possible to sell for cheap prices. A 70cl bottle of Finsbury cost around 10€.

Finsbury is somewhat bit different in aroma and taste, juniper is not so strong but there are hints of different fruits and herbs. Maybe the base spirit made of molasses gives a different body profile. Aroma is neutral, fruity with a hint of coriander and juniper. Taste has a touch of sweetness, basic gin aromas are light, typical coriander and juniper are hardly recognizable. Burn is very mild, aftertaste thin and short. It’s smoother than many other London dry gins, maybe due molasses which give some sweetness or for some added sugar. It’s a very light gin but sold big quantities, due to its low price.


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