Gordon’s London Dry Gin (37.50%)

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Gordon’s is one of the most sold gin on the world. It’s developed by Alexander Gordon, who started distillery at 1769 in London. Gordons Special Dry Gin came soon very popular and it’s recipe has survived to these days. It’s distilled three times and herbs used are juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds just to name few. 1898 Gordon’s was merged to Charles Tanqueray Company who was again bought by Distillerys Company. Nowadays it’s owned by Diageo. At 1998 the production of Gordon’s was moved to Scotland. 70cl bottle was bought at price 13.48€ (Grossi/Estonia).

It’s gentle, lightly spiced and slightly sweet gin. Aroma have piny juniper and hint of lemon. Taste is juniper forward but smooth, sweet, but have also some bitter notes. Lemon peel and coriander are there but only if you know them are on the recipe. Burn is very mild, aftertaste is sweetish and bit spicy and bitter. It’s easy to drink neat in the beginning, but after sweet start the bitterness will disturb more and more. For classic coctails Gordon’s brings juniper flavour and hint of lemon, but it can be also bit light if you use spicy tonic water or other mixer. Gordon’s is available everywhere and pretty cheap also, so it’s good choice if you want cheap and decent gin.


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