Vilnius Gin (45%)

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Lithuania is not so famous for gins, but there are a few of them. Vilnius Gin is made by Vilnius Degtine and it is another gin which is protected by EU-laws (another one is Plymouth Gin). Vilnius Gin can be produced only in city of Vilnius, Lithuania.
Vilnius Gin have been produced for three decades. It’s made by London Dry method, distilled twice, nothing added after 2nd distillation. In addition of juniper berries, there are also coriander seeds, dill seeds and orange peel used. Bottled to 45% strenght, price for 50cl bottle 6.99€ (Maxima).

Aroma is quite neutral, there are just some nuances of herbs on the nose. Taste is sweet in the beginning, but it quickly goes strong, there is kind of earthy kick with some typical gin flavours. Aftertaste is dry and slightly bitter. Flavours are on mild side, juniper is recognizable but when drinking this with tonic the flavours disappear. Overall it is quite typical cheap gin in good and bad.


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