Bleu D’Argent London Dry Gin (40%)

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Bleu D’Argent comes from Northern-France, Petersbach, close to German border. They named itself as ‘Gentleman’s Gin’, whatever that means. There is 9 different herbs and roots used: juniper, coriander seeds, ginger, lemon- and orange peel, angelica root, lavender, fennel and anis. Distilled on traditional copper still. Purchase price for 70cl bottle 11.99€ (SuperAlko/Latvia).

It’s quite unconventional gin, there is not so much traditional gin aroma. Fruity and floral aromas are on the top, only aftertaste have some bitter juniper tones. Taste is quite strong and dry, burn medium strong. It’s stronger and spicier than most other gins on same price range.
For cocktails it give more punch than standard bottom shelf gins. But if you have used for juniper or lemon forward gins this may cause disappointment. Anyway if you would like to try something different, Bleu D’Argent could offer you something new. And it’s very cheap so you’ll not lose too much.


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