Kingsmill Pink Gin (38%)

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Various colored gins have been rumbling on the market for the past couple of years. Estonian Liviko is also following trends and has launched both pink and ruby gins in its Kingsmill series. Rectified spirit, softened water, juniper berries and various flavorings have been used in Pink Gin. The price of a 50 cl bottle is around 8€.

The nose has berries, mainly raspberry. Slightly sweet, with a slight juniper berry in the background. The taste is sweet, it has raspberry and a bit of juniper. The taste is not as sweet as could expect from the nose. The raspberry aroma is quite strong, but at the same time somehow artificial, essential. The alcohol burn is pungent and quite bitter. Juniper berries feel only lightly in the background. There are no other typical gin flavors. The aftertaste is raspberry-essence, slightly sweet and bitter.

Kingsmill Pink Gin is pretty poor. When sipped neat, the taste is quite loose – sweet, essential and heavy alcoholic. When diluted, the raspberry aroma is on top, the alcohol burn disappears naturally, but the sweet and slightly essential aroma remains. Pink Gin should be left on the store shelf. Rather, in addition to pure gin, you can add a little raspberry/berry juice if you want a berry flavor and color to your drink.


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