Tanqueray London Dry Gin (43,1%)

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Tanqueray Gin was distilled first time in London at 1830 and it was invented by Charles Tanqueray. The production was in London until 2nd world war, when the distillery was destroyed and it was moved to Scotland. The distillery was bought by Distillers Company, who was again bought by Diageo, who is also current owner. Tanqueray is among of the five most sold gins on the world.

The base spirit on Tanqueray is the same than used in Smirnoff vodka. It’s distilled four times and there are only four herbs used: juniper berries, angelica root, licorice root and coriander seeds. So all very classic London dry gin herbs. It’s distilled on 200 years old still “Old Tom” which was the only still survived during the WW2 bombings. It’s bottled on 70cl bottles, which reminds a cocktail shaker. Price of it was 20.99€ in Rimi/Estonia.

Nose is quite light but very traditional where juniper and coriander are clearly recognizable. Taste is stronger, but very smooth, slightly sweet and very well balanced. It’s juniper forward, but coriander and licorice are there as well. I bet also angelica, but I do not know exactly how it taste. Even there are only four herbs used, it feels all of them are just the right ones and perfectly balanced. It feels when there is less herbs, the producer have had more time to focus the quality of them. Sometimes less is more. Burn is quite strong, but not so much stronger than Gordon’s for example, which is 37.5%. There is pleasant licorice sweetness and soft spiciness on the aftertaste. Tanqueray do not offer anything new or different, but it is very well done classic London dry gin.


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