William Peel London Dry Gin (38%)

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I bought this when I wanted to get some cheap london dry gin only for cocktail tasting purposes. Found this William Peel on good discount 11.99€/70cl at Maxima and though it will do the trick. William Peel is a trademark of French company Marie Brizards. William Peel is more known of it Scotch whiskies, at least their blended Scotch is among the top 10 most selling whiskies.

Nose is very light, have hint of juniper, coriander and lemon zest. Taste have the same aromas, except lemon is vanished. Burn and aftertaste are light and short like in vodka, just dry and bitter juniper tries to rise up on the end. It’s not too bad when drinking neat, just the aromas are really light. It’s not possible to find any gin botanicals on cocktails, so it’s the same to use vodka instead of this gin. Like it’s already often said here cheap price for gins means very light aroma and William Peel is not any exception.


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