Hendrick’s Gin (41.3%)

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Hendrick’s Gin was launched in 1999. It’s produced by William Grant & Sons, famous for its whisky production, Glenfiddich and Balvenie malt whiskies and Grant’s & Tullamore DEW blended ones. Hendrick’s is produced in Girvan distillery in Scotland. Hendrick’s gin is created from eleven botanicals, which are distilled and later added the essence of cucumber and rose pedals. Hendricks is crafted on 500 liters batches. There are two different still used, one for to distill macerated herbs and other for steam distillation. Used herbs are coriander seeds, juniper berries, angelica root, orange and lemon peel, elderflower, caraway seeds, chamomile, orris root, cubeb berries and yarrow. 70cl bottle bought from Maxima at a price of 26.99€.

Hendrick’s is very neutral and light gin. It fits very well for vodka drinkers, taste profile is light, alcohol burn is quite strong and only on aftertaste comes a bit bitterness and light pepper burn. When drinking it neatly, it does not offer so much. It’s strong on alcohol, but spices are on low level and it turns to be quite boring. When adding some water, the juniper and coriander nuances go stronger and when the strong burn does not disturb so much, it is actually pleasant, lightly spiced. But the cucumber, which is often mentioned with Hendrick’s gin I do not find a hint of. When adding tonic water, most of the herbs disappear, only juniper and coriander lightly shouts on the background. Anyway perhaps here is the key to why Hendrick’s is so popular, most of the people do not want any strong and disturbing spices on their drinks. Anyway, Hendrick’s might have something special to offer at the turn of the millennium. But now 20 years later there are a lot of more interesting gins available. 


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