Gordon’s Gin Crisp Cucumber (37,5%)

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Gordon’s is one of the best-selling gins in the world. In addition to London Dry Gin, there have been a few flavored versions in production. The cucumber-flavored version was released in 2012, but it is no longer in production and the product can no longer be found on Gordon’s own website. However, it is still rarely seen on sale in Estonia, the 70cl bottle cost € 12.99.

The aroma has lightly juniper, citrus and something vegetal, which may then be the mentioned cucumber. The taste is sweetish and very light. Clearly lighter than the original Gordons. The taste has light juniper, a little coriander and something a bit stale, down to earth. The cucumber would not be recognized if it was not known. The taste is light and sweet, but nothing particularly pleasant. While the original Gordon’s is light and conservative, this throat version of it is an even lighter case. The good thing is that because of its sweetness and smoothness, it can be easily sipped neat. There is no bitterness which is typical of gins. Juniper and other spices are moderate and nothing really attacks the mouth.

When mixed with tonic water, the flavors will eventually disappear under the tonic’s own spices and the end result will be thin. It is better to use soda water for mixing if you want to taste the gin’s own aromas. There is also so much sweetness that the mixture is easy to drink. Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber is disappointing, it doesn’t have any freshness as the name implies, rather the stale vegetal aroma. The sweetness tells that there is clearly more added sugar than in the London Dry version. As mentioned earlier, the product has already been discontinued. So well, hardly anyone will miss this once they have tasted it.


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