Master’s London Dry Gin (40%)

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Master’s is a trademark of Spanish company Destilerias MG. Destilerias is established in Barcelona at 1835 and is still a family owned company, now runned by 5th generation. Master’s Gin have long, three step production process. First spices (juniper berries, coriander seeds and cardamom) are infused with rectified spirit. After 24 hours of maceration it’s been distilled. On parallel process three different citrus fruits; lemon, sweet orange and bitter orange is been macerated on rectified spirit for full year. Spice distillate is been blended to citrus mixture and it’s been distilled to 79% strength. After that it’s diluted to bottling strength. 50cl bottle costs 12.99€ at Rimi. 

Nose have juniper and lots of citrus nuances. It’s very light-bodied, taste is dryish and have lemon, juniper and coriander. Burn is quite strong and boozy. Aftertaste have kind of bitter shade, maybe due to rich lemon content. Master’s is light, traditional and quite boring gin, which is just a bit more lemony than other London Dry gins. Long three step production process is hardly recognizable here. Strong alcohol taste put this gin to deep mid-range level.