Saaremaa Dry Gin (37.50%)

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Saaremaa Gin is produced by Altia Eesti, which is a subsidiary of Finnish company Altia. Base spirit for Saaremaa Gin comes from Finland at the Koskenkorva factory. Herbs used here are angelica root, coriander seed, juniper berries (harvested from Saaremaa) and a few others. Purchase price for a 50cl bottle is around 9€. 

Saaremaa Gin is juniper forward, it’s dominant smell and taste, hiding mostly all other herbs. Taste is dry, and the burn is very smooth. There are some other hints of spices on the aftertaste, which is at least mid-length.  For cocktails you’ll get mostly coriander and juniper flavors. Overall Saaremaa Gin is one of the best low price range Estonian gins, price quality is good. Compared to other gin’s in same price level, it is a bit one-sided and too simple. But overall, the price is often the clincher and Saaremaa Gin works very well and from what I’ve seen in stores, it’s very popular among Estonian customers.


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