Saaremaa Schnapps (30%)

Saaremaa Schnapps is produced by Altia Eesti. Base spirit is distilled in Finland, at Koskenkorva factory. It is produced in a way that respects traditions of Saaremaa food culture, where meat and fish was often smoked. Schapps combine four typical elements of Saaremaa island: tar, smoke, juniper and sea. The price for 50cl bottle was 6.99€.

Nose is strongly tarry and smoky, taste have juniper, tar, smoke, salt and decent amount of sugar. It’s very smooth, spices and sugar are well balanced and there is no alcohol burn at all. Hint of salt gives nice feeling for proximity of the sea. Smoke and tar resembles the aromas of a smoke sauna. When you get used to the smokiness, the taste goes a bit one-sided. Anyway, few shots at a time it’s very nice and recommendable schnapps.


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