Arsenitch Ruby Cherry Vodka (40%)

Arsenitch is originally Latvian vodka. It was bought by Altia in 2012 and switched to using a rectified spirit made in Koskenkorva in Finland. Blended with cherry juice, sugar and spirits, Ruby Cherry is one of many Arsenitch flavored vodkas. The price in Estonia is about 7.50 € for a half liter bottle.

The aroma is a little sweet, full-bodied and with a light berry aroma, but does not have so strong cherry flavour. The taste is dry and slightly bitter. There is already a clear sense of cherryiness in the taste, but it’s nothing too overwhelming. The burn of alcohol is rather strong, as it is a 40% ABV product. It is a little softer than normal vodka, probably due to its light sugar content. However, it is not so sweet, sugar has been used very sparingly. Cherryiness feels natural and no essences or flavor enhancers have been used.

Arsenitch Ruby Cherry is pretty good flavored vodka, it is nothing particularly tasty and distinctive, but there is nothing wrong with it. It’s okay for shooting and mixing. A good choice in the price range.


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