Koskenkorva Vodka 7 Botanicals (37.5%)

Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals is another flavoured vodka from Finnish company Altia. I like their basic vodka, it’s smooth and has a nice barley aroma. Anyway, most of their flavoured vodkas have been disappointing. The big company way of trying to please everyone makes the products too less flavoured and boring. 

7 Botanicals come in beautifully textured bottles. It has nice fresh citrus aroma, but the taste… It’s just lemon which is way too overpowering and hides all the other herbs. I don’t know if the lemon aroma comes from lemon balm or lemon peel or juice. Aftertaste is quite bitter, it has the taste of lemon seeds, which you might think, is not so pleasant. Adding some water I can find minor nuances of other herbs on the background, but this is too unpleasant to drink neat. If this would have been labeled as lemon vodka, I would be more happier, as it is the truth what vodka is.

I mixed it with lemonade as it was recommended on the bottle label. It’s okay, but why do we need another spirit which is okay just when mixing with lemonade? Either it does not bring any herbal content to the drink. In my opinion this product has failed. This kind of 7 herb spirit should be good for sipping or shooting, not just a decent mixer. The 50cl bottle was discounted at 9.90€ so with that price you can try it and use for a punch. Otherwise stay away from it.


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