Koskenkorva Vodka Blueberry & Juniper (37.5%

In addition to pure vodka, a few flavored spirits are made in Rajamäki, at Altia spirit factory in Finland. According to the producer, Blueberry & Juniper is made from blueberry and juniper berry extracts, but they fail to say where and how the extracts were made. A 70cl bottle price was 12 €.

The aroma has some sweet blueberry. The taste is a bit sweet, has a slight blueberry aroma and a bit of herbiness in the background. Anyway,  the herbs are more reminiscent of peppermint and licorice than a juniper berry. Blueberry is stronger on the nose, not so clear in the taste. But juniper here is more of an advertising nip, maybe Altia is trying to get gin lovers to try this product. So if you expect something like a gin-like juniper berry, you will be disappointed. The vodka is not so smooth either, it is more harsh and has more bitterness than the traditional, unflavoured Koskenkorva.

Diluted with soda water, sweet blueberry is retained, but the most of the herbiness vanishes. However, something juniper kind of aroma can be found, if you have a lively imagination. I didn’t try it with tonic water, which was in the serving suggestion on the producers homepage. But I do not think it will change a lot. This product promises more than is capable of providing, like for all Koskenkorva products that I have tasted this far. Weak, unspoken, somewhat useless product.


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