Slavjanka Krepkaja Oblepiha (Sea-Buckthorn) 40%

Slavjanka is produced by Lithuanian company Vilniaus Degtine. For sure it is not a high priority product from them, as there is hardly any infos for it, even on the producer homepage. Krepkaja Oblepiha means sea-buckthorn, which is used to flavour this vodka. It is widely available in Latvian and Lithuanian food stores and usually at a very low price. 20cl was 2.99€ at Beko. 

If I can’t read the bottle label, it would be difficult to know what I am enjoying. Buckthorn taste is barely recognizable. It’s quite sharp, a bit sweet, and has some berry flavour, which is also a bit orange like. The colour is neither so natural, so it feels this is artificial, flavoured with essences. Due to low price it suits only for binge drinking, not use to waste on this if you are looking for taste pleasures. 


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