Walk Blackcurrant Vodka (38%)

Latvian craft distillery Walk has a selection of different flavoured vodkas. Blackcurrant infused vodka is one of them. Due to the company, they are infusing full blackcurrant on rectified spirit, which the company produces itself from sugar. After infusing, it is filtered, diluted with filtered groundwater and a bit of sugar is added. The price of a 50cl bottle was 7.89€.  

Nose is a bit sweet with some berry aromas, but the aroma cannot be immediately combined with blackcurrant. The taste is strong, a bit sweet and has a decent black currant aroma. There is not so much added sugar, so it is not very sweet. Anyway the aroma of blackcurrant is not very strong and intense. The berry aroma is short and the aftertaste is a bit pungent and bitter. All the aromas feel very natural, so I do not think any additives are being used. Maybe the black currants just do not give more aromas than this, when there are not the aroma enhancer or essences used, which are typical of major producers. Or maybe the maturation of berries was too short and a couple months more would give a better result.

The drink could be a bit smoother to be more pleasant while drinking neat. Maybe it is bottled too early, perhaps a calmer production process would have had a positive effect on taste. Also a pinch of more sugar could make it more mellow. Now it is a bit too robust and unbalanced. It is good, but not yet at the champions league level. 


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