Walk Bilberry Liqueur (21%)

Walk is a small hand crafted distillery in the city of Valka, Latvia. The name comes from the old city name Walk, which was shared between Latvia and Estonia after the 1st World War to Valga and Valka. Walk Distillery makes seven different flavoured liquors and two liqueurs. The company makes the rectified spirit itself by using sugar, water and yeast, also liqueurs are made for natural components only.

There is a certain bilberry aroma on the nose. Taste is quite dry, the bilberry aroma is rather strong. Taste is sweet enough at the beginning, but the aftertaste has some dry bitterness, which might come from the seeds of bilberry or the used rectified spirit. Due to the low sugar rate there is a certain alcohol bite. The rectified spirit made from sugar gives its own slight tone, but it’s not unpleasant at all. It could be a bit more sweeter, it feels most of the sweetness comes from the berries itself and there is very few added sugar.

The taste is a bit harsh, it misses the smoothness which comes from added sugar. If you are used to sweet liqueurs, this will surprise you. The bilberry aroma is strong enough to give taste also for mixed drinks. It’s an original and good product, maybe it just would need a bit more finishing to be still better. 


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