Midori Melon Liqueur (20%)

Midori is sweet, deep green liqueur flavoured with Japanese melon. It is developed and produced by Suntory. Musk melon, which is used to the production, is rare melon sort which grow only one part of Japan. It is said to have very strong melon taste, much stronger than those which are on sale in supermarkets. Midori is been produced besides of Japan also in France, Mexico and United States. Midori means green in japanese. It have been produced from 1978. At year 2013 the recipe was changed to less sweet and also bottle design was changed.

Midori is rarely drinked on it’s own, but it’s famous component of many cocktails, which most well known is Japanese Slipper. 70cl bottle bought from Alko1000 at price 11.99€.

It’s pleasant fruity liqueur with strong melon flavour. Nose is richly fruity and sweet. Taste is sweet on the beginning, but turns soon on dry side. It’s fruity and have lots of sweet melon, alcohol burn is minimal. Aftertaste is sweet but turns rather bitter on the end. It’s not at all so sweet and sugary as a liqueur, mouthfeel also is thinner than can expect. Taste profile is very one-sided and it soon cames too boring when drinking neat. However Midori shines on many cocktails, which can be found for example at Midori own homepage. 


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