Kiiu Torn Egg Liqueur (15%)

Kiiu Torn is Estonian Remedia Distillerys first product when they started their business at 1991. It have been produced since then for same recipe. Egg liqueur is made by pastorizeured egg yolk, sugar syrup and neutral spirit. It’s flavoured with rum and natural spice extracts. On original production method it do not need heating so the nuances of raw material stays intact. 20cl bottle costs 2.99€ at Maxima.

There is henhouse and chicken secretions on the nose and taste. Mouthfeel is very thick and sugary. Egg like flavour is strong, although it have been tried to hide with spices. Aftertaste is spicy and sugary. It’s quite disgusting when drinking neat as cool temperature. But it works much better heated and mixed with dark rum for example. Anyway, I won’t buy this product another time. 


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