Koch Apteekri Snaps (35%)

Apteekri Snaps (The pharmacist schnapps) is made by Koch Distillery, an Estonian company located 70km east from Tallinn. It’s made from 20 different herbs, plants and roots. Story tells that this kind of tincture was sold earlier in pharmacies and it was a cure for all diseases.  Purchase price for a 50cl bottle was 7€.

The liqueur has some medicinal herbs and spices, but not as much as the name promises. It has quite a lot in common with the german herbal liqueurs. Aroma is light and sweet, taste is lightly spicy, cinnamon and clove are well recognized. Spices are more on the fore, I can’t find any herbs or roots there. All in all it is quite unilateral, boring and neutral liqueur. It’s a bit too sweet, at least you need to have something hot together with it. There should have been more bitter components in the recipe. Now all the herbs and spices are “sweet” ones, and do not have any bitter elements. For me it’s too soft and easy, cheaply and fast made, standard herbal liqueur without enough character. 


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