Ürdimeister Herb Liqueur (35%)

Ürdimeister (ürdi ~ herb) is a herbal liqueur made by Estonian company Remedia. It was registered in 2007 and took a role model from Jägermeister. In the beginning the sales were quite weak, but after Remedia copied bottle and label design from Jägermeister the sales grew ten times bigger for a short time. In consumer research 70% of the clients who bought Ürdimeister said they thought about buying a bottle of Jägermeister. 2009 Jägermeister-Mast sued Remedia in court and won, so Remedia needed to change the label and bottle design. 

Ürdimeister is made from 20 herbs and roots, most important of them are liquorice, anis, coriander seeds, cinnamon, clove, juniper, peppermint and lemon peel. Purchase price for a 50cl bottle is 9€.

Ürdimeister and Jägermeister have much in common, but what Ürdimeister lacks are bitter elements. It’s mild, sweet, lightly spicy, clove and cinnamon are the most recognizable spices. Lack of bitterness makes it a bit unbalanced. Brown sugar is strong on taste and that is never a good sign. Anyway it’s not too bad, just a bit boring. Taste profile is narrow, it lacks personality and character. It is too ordinary herbal liqueur and drowns in a large number of almost identical liqueurs. 


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  1. Jerry

    What is the price by the case please??

    1. admin

      Hello Jerry,
      unfortunately I do not know if this product is on sale in USA. I checked from the Amber Distribution homepage, that they have a distribution at least in UK, Australia and few other countries, but not in USA. I hope they’ll later have some partner in USA as well.

  2. Jerry

    Does anyone else offer the large bottle by the case in the USA??

    Jerry Watkins +1-239-287-6737

  3. Jerry

    What is the price for 1 case of URDEMEISTER 1L Liqueur from REMEDIA Distillers ESTONIA

    1. admin


      The price for 50cl bottle is 7.99€ in Estonia. It is not on sale for 1L bottles. You can try to order it at http://www.cityalko.ee

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