Braastad Creme Liqueur au Cognac (17%)

Braastad is a trademark of cognac house Tiffon and it is currently owned by Norwegian company Arcus. Braastad Cream liqueur is a mixture of cream, Braastad VS cognac, sugar and other ingredients. Only 56% of the alcohol content comes from cognac, the rest coming from neutral wheat spirit. The liqueur has been produced in Ireland. Bottled at 70 cl bottle, which was discounted for 14.99€ at Maxima.

Aroma and taste are both quite typical, cream, some chocolate and a thin alcohol bite. It’s not utterly sweet, sugar content is lower than on many other cream liqueurs. Aftertaste turns a bit bitter, maybe due to the bulk neutral spirit used. There is not any cognac aroma or taste, so it’s the same as most of the Irish cream liqueurs, which do not have any taste of Irish whiskey. So the name Braastad here is more for advertising purposes. It’s a very typical cream liqueur, nothing special on the taste. Not bad at all, but I was expecting something more due to the high price (normal price for a 70cl bottle is over 25€) which is about twice compared to Baileys and others.


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