Koch Nice Cream Liqueur (16%)

Koch Nice Cream Liqueur is made by Koch Distillery.  As have told many times already, Koch products are sold only at Super- and CityAlko alcohol stores in Estonia. 35cl bottle bought from SuperAlko at 4.49€.

It have quite a fruity aroma, much different than on Irish cream liqueurs. Cream aroma however reminds more powdered milk than fresh cream. Mouthfeel is mellow, luscious, it feel very nice on the mouth. Taste is kinda fruity but there is again that powdered milk aroma which is not so pleasant. Anyway there is not so much different nuances on the taste so it’s rather one-sided. Some bitter bite grows at the back on mouth in aftertaste. I tried it cold with ice and also at room temperature, which I was hoped to give more aromas. It’s definitely the best with ice cubes, when tasting it warmer the cheap powdered milk aroma dominates and bitter aftertaste disturb quickly. The best on this liqueur is it’s mellow texture but on the aroma side, it’s quite weak and cheap. 


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