Angela Blackcurrant Liqueur (21%)

Angela Black Currant liqueur is made by Estonian company AlcorDistillery, which went bankrupt in 2016. Not any infos about this product are available. It is still on sale at Alcoshop at Latvia, price was 4.19€ for a 50cl bottle. 

Nose is sweet and has a decent berry aroma. Mouthfeel is thick but not too syrupy. There is a certain black berry aroma, but it’s not so intensive. Taste is quite superficial, there is not the deep aroma which comes only if full berries are matured on rectified spirit long enough. So I suppose there is black berry juice used and mixed with spirit and sugar. I don’t taste any essences or flavourings, neither aroma enhancer. Even though the liqueur is not super sweet, sweetness starts to disturb after a few sip. So it will be more enjoyable when some vodka and ice cubes are added. Although the berry aroma then dilutes. The black currant aroma could be stronger, but otherwise it’s just a decent liqueur.


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