Passoa – Passion Fruit Liqueur (17%)

Passoa is a liqueur made by passoa fruits, developed in 1985 by Remy Cointreau. Production of Passoa was moved to its own Passoa SAS company, which is owned together by Lucas Bols and Remy Cointreau. Liqueur was launched in 1994 and has been one of the most sold liqueur in many countries, like Holland, Belgium and Puerto Rico.

The main raw material for Passoa, passion fruit juice, is imported from Brazil. Most known cocktail made for Passoa is propably Porn Star Martini, which is mixed for Passoa, vodka, vanilla syrup, lime and fresh passion fruit. 50cl bottle bought from Liviko at 8.50€.

Very high quality, well balanced fruit liqueur which is easy to sip on it’s own. It’s not too sweet, I would assume that it’s just a bit sweeter than the fruit itself. Passion fruit tastes stable from start to the end. Aftertaste turns a bit dry, which is only a positive detail.


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