DeKuyper Sour Apple (15%)

Sour Apple has been a popular liqueur flavor in cocktails for decades. It, mixed with vodka and sprite, is a classic drink for which every bar has its own name. Sour Apple is said to give the drink a beautiful green color and a slight apple aroma. Because of its color, it gives the drink the same effect as Blue Curaqao. DeKuyper is a liqueur manufacturer from the Netherlands and together with Bols controls a fairly large market share in liqueur business. Sour Apple is made by mixing apple and apple-like flavors, coloring, sugar, water and neutral alcohol. A 50 cl bottle of Sour Apple costs around €8.

The nose is a bit essential and strongly resembles the tart, hard green apples that are sold in stores. The scent also reminds a bit of fino sherry. The initial taste is quite sour, but gradually becomes sweeter. The acidity, similar to citric acid, is strong at the beginning, only when it settles do the apple aromas begin to emerge. The apple aroma is fresh, but clearly essential. The acidity of the citric acid quickly starts to irritate, and I don’t want to drink it more than a couple of sips. By adding at least ⅔ of water, it is more tolerable and the taste is similar to the filtered juice made from green apples. With vodka and soda water, it makes a fresh and cheerful drink. If you like it sweeter, you can use lemon lemonade instead of soda water. The color of the drink is faint green, so for purely cocktail use, the liqueur could be still more intensively green.


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