Bols Banana Liqueur (17%)

Lucas Bols is one of the oldest alcohol brands, it is said to be established already in 1575, when Bols family built a distillery in Amsterdam. Lucas Bols was born a century later, but upon his time Holland was king of the oceans and that helped Bols to crown one of the biggest. On liqueurs Bols is one the biggest produced in the world, genevers Bols is the biggest. There are over 120 products on Bols portfolio, from sambucas to vodka. Bols have had many owners on it’s history. It was owned by Remy Cointreau, which relinquished ownership in 2006. Nowadays Bols is producing private company Lucas Bols B.V.

Bols Banana Liqueur have strong essence flavour. Banana flavour is strong on the nose and taste, but it has a sturdy artificial touch or at least flavor enhancer. Vanilla and other spices are also on the sup. Taste is thick, quite syrupy, but drinkable together with a hot drink. Just a small amount of liquor gives strong banana aroma for cocktails.


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