Sarlote Balzama Cream Liqueur (17%)

Sarlote is a product of Latvijas Balzams, the biggest alcohol producer in Latvia. Sarlote was established already at 2003, but it production was ceased at 2008 for 6 years, until it was bounced back at 2014. It’s the most known local cream liqueur in Latvia and on sale every supermarket chains. 50cl bottle costs 6.65€ at Rimi.

The producer says that there should be a bit of Riga Black Balsam on it, but it’s not on the taste at all. Nose is creamy but very mild. Taste is very typical, creamy, slightly caramel, hint of spices. There is certain bitterness on the aftertaste, but not for the herbs, but probably for the used spirit. It’s not the sweetest cream liqueur I’ve tasted. So due to low sugar rate and some bitterness it’s very easy drinking. But however, Sarlote is not any special taste pleasure, just a standard cream liqueur for a decent low price. 


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